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FIPS Certification of Controller Based Encryption[published: Feb 2014]

Introduction:With the growing adoption of PMC-Sierra's Controller Based Encryption (CBE) for 8G Fibre Channel and 12G SAS/SATA controllers, there is growing customer interest in what is needed to achieve FIPS certification for products that use PMC's CBE devices. This paper provides an overview of the key steps involved in achieving FIPS certification of cryptographic modules. It is written for array and server architects, hardware engineers, and R&D managers.

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Maximize Vertical Reuse, Building Module to System Verification Environments with UVM e [published: Jan 2014]

Abstract: Given the size and complexity of modern ASICs/SoC, coupled with their tight project schedule, it is impractical to build a complete system or chip level verification environment from scratch. Instead, in order to increase productivity, maximizing reuse of existing verification components seamlessly with the project has become one of the biggest opportunities to increase verification efficiency. In this paper, we present a testbench framework to maximize vertical reuse within a project. The framework presented here has been proven on the ground-up development of a 200M gate ASIC. In our framework, the system testbench is built in a hierarchical manner by recursively importing lower level block or module testbenches. From the lowest level to the highest level, all the testbenches are designed to support plug-and-play integration. Verification engineers can hook up several lower level testbenches and turn them into a higher level testbench. The system testbench inherits the device configuration sequences, traffic generation sequences, checkers and monitors from the imported module testbenches without duplication of effort. As a result, vertical reuse shortens the development time of the system testbench, improves the quality of testbench code and allows fast bring up during system integration.

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