Product Overview
  • SONET/SDH framer/aggregator for use in channelized STS-192/STM-64 and STS-48/STM-16 applications.
  • 10 Gbit/s aggregate capacity. The framer can be configured to support:
    • One STS-192/STS-192c/STM-64/STM-64c stream.
    • Four STS-48/STS-48c/STM-16/STM-16c streams.
  • Supports one STS-192/STM-64 stream via a standard OIF SFI-4 interface (duplex 16-bit 622 MHz LVDS) for direct connection to SERDES and CRU/CSU devices.
  • Supports up to four STS-48/STM-16 via SFI-4 interfaces operating in nibble mode.
  • Provides working, protect, and APS interfaces for connection across system backplanes. Each interface consists of four ESSI (Extended SONET Serial Interface) CML links, operating at 2.488 Gbit/s.
  • Supports channelized (down to STS-1), concatenated, and arbitrarily concatenated (STS-3cxN) traffic. Changes in traffic configurations are automatically detected.
  • Terminates (or monitors) SONET/SDH Section, Line, and Path overhead and provides STS-1 granularity frame alignment and pointer processing.
  • Detects and inserts transport and path BIP-8 errors (B1, B2, B3). Detects signal degrade (SD) and signal fail (SF) threshold crossing alarms for B2 and B3.
  • Provides overhead passthrough for entire TOH, and re-mapping for B1, B2, and J0 bytes.
  • Provides dedicated pins to extract and reinsert the entire transport overhead.
  • Provides dedicated pins to extract section and line DCC.
  • Supports Automatic Protection Switching:
    • K1/K2 byte filtering and BER monitoring.
    • Direct line card APS connections via system side APS ports.
  • Supports centralized control of SONET/SDH processing by providing in-band status messaging (Transport, Path, and Equipment Status) on the ESSI ports.
  • Provides independent STS-1 Memory Switching Units (MSU) for combined time-slot interchange (TSI) and muxing functions in transmit and receive directions.
  • Provides independent STS-1 Memory Switching Units (MSU) at the DROP APS port for grooming traffic to support line card pairing or local traffic termination.
  • Provides line loopback from the line side receive streams to the transmit streams and supports diagnostic loopback on the system side interface.
  • General purpose 16-bit microprocessor interface for configuration, control and status monitoring.
  • Low power 1.2 V core with 2.5/3.3 V I/O.
  • Standard 5-signal IEEE 1149.1 JTAG test port for boundary scan board test purposes.
  • 1292-pin FCBGA package.

Typical Applications include:

  • Multi Service Provisioning Platforms (MSPP).
  • Sub Wavelength Cross Connects.
  • Add/Drop Multiplexers.
  • DWDM Platforms.
  • Channelized Routers and Multi Service Switches.
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    Product Brief
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    Data Sheet
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    Locked PDF Document ARROW 1x192 ASSP Telecom Standard Product Data Sheet [1.85 MB] PMC-2032014 3 2005-03-15
    Application Note
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    Locked Compressed Document Optimizing Pre-emphasis and Receive Equalization for Backplanes [493 kB] PMC-2021098 1 2002-10-31
    White Papers
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    Locked PDF Document An Introduction to Transport Networks for Telecommunications [384 KB] PMC-2050808 1 2005-07-20
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    Sales Collateral
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    Technical Overview
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    Locked PDF Document RASIO 3G for SONET/SDH Backplanes Technology Brief [64 kB] PMC-2030933 1 2003-05-29