PMC is the world's #1 provider of fiber access SoCs with interoperable end-to-end solutions for all PON protocols.

Our solutions combine innovation and reliability to deliver astonishingly fast Internet access with simultaneous high-definition IPTV and voice-over-IP services.


News articles and press releases, relating specifically to Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) and Passive Optical Network (PON) products.

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  • PMC-Sierra Announces Industry's First Symmetric and Asymmetric 10G-EPON OLT SoC to Enable Next Generation Ultra-Broadband Services More Info »
  • PMC-Sierra Announces Industry's First EPON ONU SoC with Integrated Optical Analog Front End Technology More Info »
  • PMC-Sierra Receives FiberHome Strategic Partner Award More Info »
  • PMC-Sierra and Incognito Software Collaborate to Provide End-to-End FTTx Solution for Cable Operators More Info »
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  • TECOM Selects PMC-Sierra Solutions for GPON ONT Equipment Targeted at European FTTH Markets More Info »


Symmetric 10G EPON Demonstration

A demonstration of the industrys first symmetric 10G EPON platforms, delivering 10Gb/s downstream and 10Gb/s upstream performance. As part of the demonstration, Gilad Aloni, Director of FTTH Product Marketing for PMC-Sierra, explains the simple upgrade from 1G EPON to 10G EPON, and how this increased performance will enable carriers to provide new services, such as advanced business offerings or the next level of HTDV broadcasting, while further reducing capital expenditures.